Design headlines for Monday, 26th September, 2016.


What was the trending topics in the past?

discover the design trends of a particular day by checking the headlines and statistics on that day, learn which words were mentioned the most, together with the words' density and share of voice in the design conversation. The following words are ommitted: want, design, work, project, creative, architecture, designer, designers, designs, post, posts, photo, designed, space, images, image, continue, reading, week, year, month, just, city, world, creativity etc.

This page showed the headlines in design on today / Monday 26 Sep. 2016, list of design news resources were gathered from Design Media's database which provides the rss feeds. If you like your magazine to be removed or added, let us know through Only article titles and previews are given, to enjoy the full articles, visit the respective design magazines and publications by clicking on the headlines. Content displayed in this page is cached (not real-time) and each publication is checked only once per day to reduce the trafic burden to listed publications.

What was the previous headlines? For example on:
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